Etowah Health Care Center

Rehabilitation Services

The goal of the interdisciplinary therapy team is to provide comprehensive care with one objective – to help resident’s restore quality of life as quickly as possible.  Out team of licensed health professionals are dedicated to encouraging, motivating and providing challenging opportunities with rehabilitative intervention.  They believe each resident deserves the opportunity to succeed.

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Physical Therapy

The physical therapist will evaluate and develop a plan of care that will help restore lost strength, mobility, coordination and balance.  They work with you and your family to ensure the goals of the plan are met and outcomes are optimal.  Therapeutic exercise and functional training are the cornerstone to physical therapy.  Physical therapist use a variety of tools and techniques, including hands-on treatment to build muscle mass, improve bone density and increase your stamina. Improving your physical fitness can lead to improvement in your quality of life to stay mobile and independent.

Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapist will evaluate and develop a plan of care that will restore or maintain your ability to manage your activities of daily living.  Occupational therapy is a client-centered and much of the work they do will focus on identifying and eliminating barriers to your independence and participation in daily activities such as eating, bathing, dressing and cleaning. The individualized course of therapy based on observation of your strength, coordination and range of motion will allow them to set goals to achieve your maximum potential and allow for a safe return to home.

Speech Therapy

The speech pathologist will evaluate and develop a plan of care and goals based on your specific condition, evaluation results and personal goals.  Speech pathology services provide identification, evaluation and rehabilitation for a variety of speech, language, fluency, voice, swallowing and cognitive disorders such speaking and/or eating.  These speech, language and swallowing disorders may be the result of stroke. The therapist will identify the best technique for interaction, voicing or swallowing and implement treatments to successfully manage the deficit at hand.  The goal is to help you gain or regain your ability to swallow and speak clearly.

Respite Care

Around-the-clock care can pose significant challenges for even the most loving family or at-home caregiver.  Sometimes one needs a break to refresh.   A respite visit at Quality Health Care Center is a short stay that can make a lifetime of difference. By assuming the responsibilities of daily care, we can offer you the respite that you need while ensuring your family member is cared for in an atmosphere of nurturing and understanding.  With 24 hour experienced staff providing coordinated care in a comfortable, home-like environment, your time away will bring value to both you and your loved one.

Palliative Care/Hospice

Quality Health of North Port offers a multi-disciplinary palliative program for residents who have opted for comfort care.  Hospice is not a place, but rather concept of care.  Hospice Care is a family-centered team approach that includes a doctor, nurse, social worker, counselor, chaplain, home health aide and trained volunteers.  We all work together focusing on the person’s needs – physical, psychological, social and spiritual. The goal is to keep the person as pain and symptom-free as possible while offering spiritual and supportive counseling to the resident and family members.  We work with several hospices in the North Port area who come to our facility to assist us with the care of our residents.

“Rehabilitate, recharge and recommit to living your best life”


3-Family Practice
3-General Surgeons
3-Internal Medicine
2-Orthopedic Surgeons
We welcome any doctor to our staff who is licensed to practice medicine in Tennessee.


24 hours per day – 7 days per week:
R.N.’s (Registered Nurses)
L.P.N.’s (Licensed Practical Nurses)
C.N.A.’s (Certified Nurse Assistants)
N.T.’s (Nurse Techs)


A Full-time – Social Services Director / Admissions Coordinator.


Managed by our Dietician and Certified Dietary Manager


Activities are scheduled for resident groups and/or individual, with in room activities, by our Full-time
– Activities Director and the Full-time – Activities Assistant.


In-House Laundry Services
In-House Beauty/Barber Services with licensed cosmetologist
In-House Housekeeping department
In-House Maintenance department Administrative/Business


Monday – Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (eastern time)
Administrator, Bookkeeper, Secretary