Our Promise

We feel that we offer the best of care to our Residents, but perhaps just as importantly, we offer comfort and consultation to the Resident’s family. It is not easy to move someone from a home where they have lived for many years, but we try to make this move as easy as possible. Our care does not end with providing the medical and physical needs of our Residents. Just as important to us, is being their friend and making them feel wanted and needed as they were needed in their own homes. Most of our new Residents will adjust with this kind of treatment, some take longer than others. Our goal is to have our staff members to follow through with this philosophy everyday. We feel we are doing our job when both the Resident and the Resident’s family have accepted and are content with the placement. Regular communications between family members and the facility are of utmost importance. This gives us input of ideas from all concerned that may help to improve the Residents mental and social situation in their surroundings. It is most important for family members to attend the first care plan meeting, so that we may gain information about our new Resident and their habits. By the same token the family will have a better understanding of our facility. The family (responsible party) will receive by mail each month our newsletter “The Hiwassee Ripple” which contains information on various activities and events scheduled and also other informative articles of interest.

We all promise to do our best to take care of your loved one and our hope is that you are totally satisfied with our nursing home.

The Management and Staff